a, write with a lot of spelling or grammatical errors or articles.

2, as far as possible and orderly around your theme in order to organize your content is often very helpful, it allows users to start at the end where is where there is a very intuitive judgment. Put your content into a piece, can help users quickly find what they want. You may just need to avoid the following problems:

3, use the relevant language — try thinking of keywords if users query a part of your site where he will use the. Is an expert on a certain topic of the people, they use those keywords and novice than is a big difference. For example, abbreviated name [nlcs] a senior baseball fans may have a direct search for National League Championship Series, and the only entry baseball fans will use more general query words like [baseball playoffs]. To predict the behavior of these searches is different, then when you weigh the time writing these words (you can use some good phrases mixed) can generate some very positive results. Noble baby AdWords provides a convenient keyword tool can help you find some changing new keywords can also provide some close search keywords for a keyword. Similarly, the noble baby webmaster tools also provide a popular search query for you to list the content on your site in the search results appear most frequently and for your site brings key words to click.

1, writing easy to read text, users often love those are well written and easy to read, but may have to pay attention to several points mentioned below:

4, create some fresh and unique content, new content can not only ensure your existing users visit, at the same time will bring new visitors more. At this point, especially to avoid:

) There are a large number of duplicate or near duplicate versions of

a, a large number of repeat (or copy) the content will bring you many benefits to the user.

B, in your site. (here for more information about duplicate content)

B, the text embedded in images has never been as main content. (this way the user can not copy and paste, and the search engines can not identify the picture text. (because) noble baby is attached great importance to the original, you can dispel the concerns being stolen, ".

of different themes large thrown in a web page and text, not even sub, no subtitles, no hierarchical layout.

5, others do not provide content or services — try to create some other sites can not provide useful and new services. You can write some of the original.

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