two, the website is for people to see do not look to search engine

We do

three, change the concept from improving browsing experience to


is for visitors to see, it is to show, not to see the machine, if you want to know what is the best Shanghai dragon skills, I can tell you that all the people, as long as your web site is all in order to improve the browsing experience, it will be very a good ranking in the search engine, now Google and love Shanghai can easily identify outstanding website, which you don’t doubt

many webmasters are in discussions of such technology, but rarely attractive to discuss how to improve the experience of the website, which is why many owners do not, why do not consider the love of Shanghai, every day instead of browsing, everything is in order to collect, everything is in order to IP instead of reading the real factors, should pay attention to the neglect of the. Imagine, when visitors to your site, see eyeful of irrelevant words, messy layout, the whole piece of the whole piece of advertising, what he is feeling

some time ago to see a person in the discussion about upstairs pseudo original problem when viewing a post, say what love Shanghai cheat, Google rely on coax, own pseudo original machine so that the love of Shanghai included how much traffic, when I asked him when he didn’t talk, and then asked, how ad clicks, said he is very poor, and browse degree is very shallow, basically remained less than 3 seconds! So from this thing, we can see what road? I would like to talk about

, now don’t take love Shanghai Google when ***

well, IQ questions about love Shanghai and Google, I and you talk about so much, the basic idea is to do what we must abandon the despicable means to do regular station, station, steadfast do stand! I believe your tomorrow will be better! Don’t forget to give me the website links that will be thin slimming nets (贵族宝贝bsooo.net/), to tell the truth, in the chain of A5 and Chinaz bring really good! Can share experiences and the construction site, love this way to promote

5 years ago and today’s Shanghai Shanghai love love absolutely cannot be mention in the same breath, now love Shanghai search technology in Chinese is no longer a child 3 years old, 5 years ago you made a fool of him to deceive technology, how to get good results? Google not to mention, technology in the Google love Shanghai, Google in China the failure is not in technology! So no matter what you play trick, Google is like watching shuahou looked at you like! Any issue can’t escape his fayan, so don’t have love in Shanghai by cheat, Google rely on the idea of coax! If you do use this station the idea can now give your website pipansihuan

! ! !

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