page is very time consuming, this will directly affect the overall speed of loading site. Do you need to do to compress the image on the page, so you can save a lot of unnecessary waste of space resources, so as to improve the speed of the whole site. In addition to the picture call I think it is best to use the CSS call, DIV CSS currently collocation remains the most popular search engine in the form of love.


so if you want to know how to do to optimize page details? Said page optimization, a lot of people think it is the same with the original keyword layout, three labels written two basic work, but in fact you want to get the optimization of others will be optimized, and not to how many points you. We need to pay attention to others easily ignore the details, then we are in these details optimization. This will help you a lot for your site. What we can start from what aspects, the author simply share five aspects.

three, pictures, icon notes

whether the web page is a JS file or picture, we should set the buffer time, suggested time interval for more than a week. The design of the page cache is now the love of spiders in Shanghai will give the page plus one of the important factors.

: on the page for

optimization personnel have realized to our picture with Alt attribute importance, but many people ignore the page icon ALT comment for this, I think we need to pay attention to details. While search engines love Shanghai currently on these pages on the details of things very seriously, so even if the site has hundreds of thousands of small icons, you have to give them one by one on the Alt comments.

I think this is one of the most sensitive love Shanghai this year on the page where the different page size even if it is only a difference of 1KB, for the page search engine ranking score will have a significant role in promoting, we need to consider is how to guarantee the integrity in the site, let your page in peer site volume reaches the minimum. It may encounter technical problems, if not very clear, will be handled by the company’s technical staff.


two: page image compression and call

at the beginning of 2012, Shanghai began to love must adjust the algorithm for the internal factors of site is more valued, especially in some small details before we despise the easy. Some of the elements in the page even if there is a small advantage may have on your ranking has a great role in promoting. The pages of the site has become the details of the optimization optimization personnel can not be ignored an important part of the.

Open the picture and call the

four, the browser cache time

The Alt property of At present, many

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