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all the articles will be the center of words, think of what things you in this article that the title of course has the best keywords that you.

2, description

article is part of a whole website, all the composition of the overall website content, to reflect the website of the Shanghai Phoenix effect, we must start from each article, written by Shanghai dragon thinking of every article of the network will make your website whole reflects Shanghai dragon so, the details determine success or failure. Write an article, Shanghai Dragon Center layout content is also the teacher Cardiff in Shanghai Longfeng thinking, which makes web site traffic is from the long tail effect.

many webmaster friends did not develop good habits, add content to a website directly when the title, and then, and then released, this is not typical for Shanghai dragon thinking to write articles, this article though your content is very exciting, very original, but the search engine is not love, why, because he didn’t see where your center. In other words you don’t have to think from the perspective of a search engine, so you can post to get good rankings or have a certain degree of difficulty.


description is abstract, is a summary of the content of the article, many of the current CMS system directly to the first part of the article as the interception, our view is that if your content is rich enough, enough to adequately explained you need to explain things, so we think description content is not essential. If you really need description content, so our suggestion is reasonable to add keywords, keyword is repeated 2-3 times more appropriate, and the text content of description is best not more than 100 words.

1, title

article we suggest is the best original content, of course it is not to be pseudo original, pseudo original is the best way to read other articles own words written, this actually should be original, oh.

previously said.

3, keywords

search engine will ignore the new algorithm has keywords, so the effect of keywords on the basic search engine is very little, so for keywords, is your personal wishes, would like to add, do not want to ignore it and.

then how to make a new publication to get the favour of search engine, get good rankings, then to write in Shanghai Longfeng thinking. Below we consultants from their own practice details about how to use the Shanghai dragon thinking writing.

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