love in Shanghai to enhance the user experience of the time, the first to open the era, is a kind of technology to enhance the user experience, but also the sublimation.

1, according to

Our experience:

Lee told us:

1, at present the webmaster will need only pictures on the page in the main content, Shanghai will love the corresponding image recognition and scene recognition, follow-up will provide protocol specification;

? three

Lee for providing us with examples, we conducted a check, in fact, examples of sites did not like Lee said, the size of the picture as close to 121:75. But the picture scaling approach 121:75 that is to say, love Shanghai grab image mode is not required, but there is a picture compression and automatically scaled down the pictures.

a few days ago, a friend to consult website search results appear in the picture at the site to re create, but the premise is must appear to be "Shanghai love reading" in the form of search results.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in January 17, 2014 released a report written by Lee "into the era of pictures". Thus, we can search relevant keywords in the search engine, the search results will appear "picture + title + description form. What is the meaning of this form of profound

360 search engine was very high-profile said to do the green search engine, but according to authoritative website statistics, 360 market share reached 25.99%, but the user is still installed 360 basic search browser and user groups, some of the older; because of the new Sogou and soso merger, market share reached 11.72%; set aside love Shanghai, the rest of the search engine only accounted for less than 2% of the market share, so love Shanghai nearly 61% of the market share in China is still the king of search engines, it is indisputable that want to subvert the domestic love Shanghai position in a few years, it is equal to.

to solve this problem, I think many of my friends also don’t know the truth, here is simple talk about their own website and Lee information combined with "reading model" experience.

2, love Shanghai grab "picture" is different. Grab the home page picture, is normal grab to remove Banner, the first close to 121:75 pictures of spiders crawl page read; the picture, is to grab the first picture of the content page, and this kind of web page also has a high weight ratio to shrink to the geometric picture >

3, must be closely related to the content of a page, if there is cheating or bad low quality images, there will be corresponding processing mechanism: A, shield map; B, C, URL reduce the station ranking; serious ZhengZhan will be affected by

2, the size of the picture as close as possible to the 121:75;

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