morning when the website of Shanghai Longfeng data scared me last night, love Shanghai let me update website data change is not normal, the website included the number rose by nearly half, but mainly lies in the love of Shanghai anti chain growth, I believe many long sites included the number and last night the chain number certainly soared a lot, whether it is good or bad phenomenon phenomenon? The data to look at a website.



two: love Shanghai chain number soared

can be seen from the figure of July 24th to July 26th of the Shanghai love chain number hovering around 400, I insist on doing every day in the work of the chain, before always complain about the love Shanghai chain number rising slowly, that is slow because the chain work done by the author and love Shanghai included the chain number is not proportional, although I still do in the chain to search for more ways, the purpose is to increase the more love Shanghai chain number, but did not expect the July 27th love Shanghai anti chain increases will be so large, which makes the author very worried, after all the data rises too high in general are not the normal situation, the author very long had not encountered such a situation, the chain may be done before was introduced, and the database with hyssop not put out because of it, it will The love of Shanghai update situation rises too high.

how to treat?After

three: love Shanghai chain number soared to change the strategy of



: love Shanghai chain number soared

love the face of Shanghai anti chain number soared, the author thinks that the chain should be more perfect to do, for some junk the chain no longer firmly, the so-called junk the chain including video chain, quiz the chain blog, the chain of the three, to avoid the occurrence of Shanghai love again the chain soared, as far as possible to the high quality of the chain, in fact, the high quality of the chain is not only on the chain weight > high, but stable and lasting until the

, the author analyzes the data according to the Shanghai love chain, found a lot more than the rather baffling acquisition station, after the discovery of the original one by one to see, is the author of a few days ago provided a Chengdu moving company telephone number in the "ask questions", and attached to the website with the domain name in the content, a question the rough statistics only from the ask let the website chain number increased nearly 50, estimates that many webmaster will think this is a good thing, but in fact these let the author very upset, after all, these are the garbage outside the chain, estimated after this situation will, I dare not to "ask questions, so as to avoid the possibility of being love Shanghai right down.


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