How to successfully operate a chain of coffee

coffee is foreigners love, to Chinese after have been subjected to Chinese favorite, Chinese Cafe a lot, if you want to have the development in this industry, have to master certain skills, so if to run a coffee shop chain, how to operate? Coffee shop chain to achieve Chain and on a large scale, should first learn the western fast food industrial production process and standardized marketing model, not frequently talk about challenges, have not established several successful model shop, is to "mozhizhemowei" Arabian Nights built tens of thousands of stores around the world, ". read more

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Join the chain development suffered pain crisis

with the Chinese consumer awareness of the brand gradually improve, do business to become the consensus of many brands become entrepreneurs, especially in the apparel industry. Join the brand chain has become the first choice for many clothing operators, but over time, some problems also highlight.

in the fields of clothing and footwear, chain monopoly model has become a mainstream mode. Many brands rely on this model to grow the brand franchise fee is a sensitive problem between the producer and the franchisee, the problem in the growth stage of the brand body becomes more prominent, most of these brands is the production and processing enterprises to do the brand, the success of a great chance, lack of management experience in the operation of retail terminal. On the cost of joining the scissors game is also likely to occur in these brands. What is "shearing"? A simple explanation is that some franchisees in the brand growth into the brand marketing system, but once the brand is mature, the unilateral increase of initial fee, business risk to the franchisee body, leading to the franchisee profit space more and more small. read more

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Several principles of entrepreneurs and banks

any entrepreneur can not get rid of the current thing is to deal with the banks: the lack of venture capital banks need to start the two business banks, enterprises need to expand the bank…… Almost every aspect of the extension of the need for bank funding, which requires entrepreneurs who will get along with the bank, in this small series to recommend several major principles, we hope to be able to help.

can’t lie

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How to invest in student supplies to the site

many people optimistic about the education market, want to invest in education, some entrepreneurs choose to learn business shop, in fact, the choice of the address is the key, excellent location, can bring huge traffic, with a huge market, with huge sales business! Learn how to store location with


now that by not only products, business address selection can not be sloppy, brand to join student supplies store location importance, is the first factor to decide the success or failure. Site selection is the customer, the wrong location will lead to lack of tourists, experienced people know that the service can also be adjusted slowly, if the location of the wrong source of tourists, basically nothing to do. Investors must be cautious. read more

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Tang Yunyi return home when the farmers rent land occupation acres of grain

can be ordinary but not mediocre alive, alive, many people always confuse the difference between the two, and some people do not want to have that kind of boring life, born to be a career, this is not a very high salary of college students from the original work in the years after graduation, sense of choice interest in entrepreneurship!

2000 />

first in the link of mechanization of farming. Tang Yunyi introduced to the current kind of rice in this season, for example, from the arable land, seedling, planting, pest control, harvesting and drying, the whole process is mechanized operation. read more

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Beijing shop selling milk requires strict license and business license

is now online business more prosperous, many shop to buy the milk, as is the infinite wealth to earn maternal and child market, while in Beijing, if you want to sell milk in the shop must have certain conditions.

the revised "Beijing food safety regulations" will be implemented from April 1st. Yesterday, the Beijing municipal food do the regulations in detail, refine the format category the strict implementation of food access, implementation of the food safety crime were banned for life". read more

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Wooden door industry development direction join and direct

electricity supplier for the impact of the building materials industry is not too large, many consumers are more inclined to go to the store to understand the purchase. But for the majority of enterprises, the establishment of a nationwide store cost is too large, therefore, investment has become the main means to expand the market.

changed with the doors to join the market, especially in recent years the industry under the impact of the crisis, some wood manufacturers realize direct mode can realize the profit maximization. Therefore, more and more powerful brands are raising channel to control ability, through small-scale investment, in exchange for the controllable force and competitiveness in the future of marketing channels, and therefore have the existing channels or by increasing its own back, self built stores and distribution centers to enhance the proportion of its own channels. read more

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Open a leisure restaurant money King unlimited

Hunger breeds discontentment

in the background, the catering industry is optimistic about the prospect of public investors. With the rapid development of economy, people’s living standards and constantly improve the quality of life in a variety of restaurants, the rise of casual dining, fast food Hot pot swept the market, invest in a casual restaurants money scene unlimited!

According to

statistics, due to the fast pace of life, the number of Shanghai leisure restaurant, snack bar * increased significantly, showing that the market demand for casual dining, only from 2005 to 2008 three years, Shanghai leisure restaurant by 115 soared to 1931. In addition, as of May 2008, the number of leisure restaurants * more cities in Shanghai (1931), Beijing (1348), Guangzhou (705). read more

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Electric faucet ten brands list

the development of science and technology, so that our product line is constantly enriched, but also to our lives has brought great convenience. Among them, the electric water taps in our lives began to play a role in obtaining a higher recognition. Heating water also known as hot tap or fast hot water tap, comprising a tap body and a water flow control switch, the faucet body is provided with a heating cavity and an electric control chamber, electric control chamber and the heating chamber separated by a seal plate, electric control chamber is provided with a heating circuit and a heating chamber is arranged in the heating pipe, heating pipe power generally 2-3KW 3-5 seconds out of hot water heating, the heating pipe of the heating circuit. read more

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Entrepreneurial Godfather Ji Qi entrepreneurial experience

in business on the road, "hero" in their career achievements always will make a lot of ordinary people Yang Xing sigh. Entrepreneurial Godfather Ji Qi is a veritable entrepreneurial hero, his entrepreneurial experience is worth the entrepreneur to seriously understand, think, perhaps can get a lot of wisdom.

44 year old Ji Qi, known as the godfather of entrepreneurship has been a long time. In 10 years, he founded a total of 3 companies, and achieved the successful listing of the 3 companies. He is the eyes of investors, the world’s first person, the partner summed up his generous no suspense". read more

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Gold market investment reasons

gold as a world currency, has a very broad market. In twenty-first Century this broad market opportunities, gold has become a hot investment in many franchisees, market opportunities unlimited. In recent years, a lot of money, a large number of occupation or amateur stock, futures investors have entered the market to further promote the gold, become the new hot spot of global investment gold trading. However, the gold market has become a hot investment why?

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nk ten brands list – the whole

we all come from the student’s age, ink has been a very important learning supplies, until now a lot of educational office space, still in the use of various brands of ink. So, ink which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the secret of the top ten brands of ink.

ink ten brands list NO.1, hero HERO – Shanghai hero (Group) Co., Ltd.:

China famous brand, Shanghai famous brand products, Shanghai famous brand, one of the largest cultural and sporting goods enterprises in China, Shanghai hero (Group) Co., ltd.. read more

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Chuanshen Bang Bang chicken broad prospects for entrepreneurship to join to create delicious wealth

for the popular delicacy as everyone knows, people are very fond of, as a new fashion delicacy, bang bang chicken in the market popularity. High visibility, delicious nutrition Chuanshen Bang Bang chicken, worthy of consumers, many entrepreneurs to join in the official online consulting matters Bang Bang chicken Sichuan God bang bang chicken.

we all know, hunger breeds discontentment, broad and profound knowledge of diet, with the progress of society, food and beverage as a "competitive sports", constantly innovative ideas, as long as it can always be "food industry" peak, become the king. Chuanshen Bang Bang chicken franchise? Now, God Chuan Bang Bang chicken join Lo skills history project has a long cultural fragrance, but in order to pursue higher, Sichuan God merchants brand of bang bang chicken innovation of cooked lo, will combine the delicacy and modern eating habits perfect, give consumers a new feeling. read more

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Guo Fangzheng give up their own business selling fried chicken

often can see the streets and lanes selling snacks, which is loved by the majority of the fried chicken chowhound so many people, are beginning to start a fried chicken business, today we are talking about such a story, a male returnees he also went to the chicken to his ability to know is enough to find a better job and after he abandoned his original high paying job, start a fried chicken business, how’s business, let’s go to see.

wants to be a boss

give up high salary to do business in Zhengzhou read more

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