On the three step of quickly finding accurate keywords

two, see Links anchor text

by analyzing the opponent’s website, you can clearly understand the main opponents of what kind of keywords, if he is a high weight station, then we should avoid his main keywords, after all, to fight it, the weight placed there half will certainly not positive transcendence, so, and do not not sure to find another clever size. For opponents of the column page will be equipped with some of the more practical, so we can through the analysis of his opponent’s column page keywords ranking, column page weight, included, as their opponents to go beyond the column page with the home page, I have confidence. read more

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Love Shanghai abnormal analysis of 7.27 data update

morning when the website of Shanghai Longfeng data scared me last night, love Shanghai let me update website data change is not normal, the website included the number rose by nearly half, but mainly lies in the love of Shanghai anti chain growth, I believe many long sites included the number and last night the chain number certainly soared a lot, whether it is good or bad phenomenon phenomenon? The data to look at a website.


two: love Shanghai chain number soared

can be seen from the figure of July 24th to July 26th of the Shanghai love chain number hovering around 400, I insist on doing every day in the work of the chain, before always complain about the love Shanghai chain number rising slowly, that is slow because the chain work done by the author and love Shanghai included the chain number is not proportional, although I still do in the chain to search for more ways, the purpose is to increase the more love Shanghai chain number, but did not expect the July 27th love Shanghai anti chain increases will be so large, which makes the author very worried, after all the data rises too high in general are not the normal situation, the author very long had not encountered such a situation, the chain may be done before was introduced, and the database with hyssop not put out because of it, it will The love of Shanghai update situation rises too high. read more

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Love Shanghai in the image search engine Era

love in Shanghai to enhance the user experience of the time, the first to open the era, is a kind of technology to enhance the user experience, but also the sublimation.

1, according to

Our experience:

Lee told us:

1, at present the webmaster will need only pictures on the page in the main content, Shanghai will love the corresponding image recognition and scene recognition, follow-up will provide protocol specification;

? three

Lee for providing us with examples, we conducted a check, in fact, examples of sites did not like Lee said, the size of the picture as close to 121:75. But the picture scaling approach 121:75 that is to say, love Shanghai grab image mode is not required, but there is a picture compression and automatically scaled down the pictures. read more

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Love Shanghai upgrade site verification to remind owners to hurt the interests of


love Shanghai action more and more frequent, as more and more open on the surface, and let the webmaster website more standardized and systematic, but a series of actions is a bit faster. Go far too fast, it is easy to kill. Since the launch of Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, I love Shanghai most often concern, pay attention to new trends and news.

to Shanghai’s existing technology, before the validated website even after adjustment of Shanghai still can not love, and to love Shanghai verification promised never expires. Unfortunately, Shanghai does not have this love reminder and interpretation. read more

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Li Kaifu’s return to the first show talk about industry trends young people entrepreneurship into fa

Disadvantages of

on five years of subversion

4, improve the profit efficiency of wangzhuan. According to the proportion of payment put forward higher requirements to the webmaster, no website profit pattern is an important factor to restrict the development of Chinese click wangzhuan. Due to the large increase in membership, improve the efficiency of the site, in addition to attract money make friends, site of the other way to make money is an important source of income for the owners, to make money to make money by clicking Register, master in a short time to gather a large amount of money, the website can turn down the normal move. read more

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The website of Shanghai dragon how to choose keywords and how to expand

is often such as "Naruto", to many people are still looking for cartoon animation of the people? Search "apple price" is looking for electronic products the students still look at the recent apple growers in the wholesale price? "Small game".


in many websites are still struggling to think "when keywords expansion" approach, if you consider the real needs of authentication, behind these search keywords in

is now slightly more mature team, will have their own "industry search thesaurus" or "word", or even someone in the maintenance of Thesaurus (development, monitoring), but I found that in some amateur exchanges, in fact, can these words really make good, solid ground is not much, here are the reasons disconnect, editing and management training products and the Shanghai dragon communication, Kip touch, technical support is not in place and so on, although have a lot of industry search needs, but didn’t have a very good use, will see some extreme cases, such as "TAG" is the typical behavior of thesaurus in use, not grasp the contents of lead waste, no correlation is search engine punishment. read more

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How to write in the thinking of Shanghai Dragon


The contents of

all the articles will be the center of words, think of what things you in this article that the title of course has the best keywords that you.

2, description

article is part of a whole website, all the composition of the overall website content, to reflect the website of the Shanghai Phoenix effect, we must start from each article, written by Shanghai dragon thinking of every article of the network will make your website whole reflects Shanghai dragon so, the details determine success or failure. Write an article, Shanghai Dragon Center layout content is also the teacher Cardiff in Shanghai Longfeng thinking, which makes web site traffic is from the long tail effect. read more

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The station was K- Shanghai dragon fast + + + stimulation routine stable correlation

(3) the stability of the chain, many webmaster always said at the A5 forum, I >

(1) site environment stability: the stability of the space domain or server, stable, improve the stability of the site itself, and also is the foundation of the site, only the site is stable, and the user can smoothly to love Shanghai spider your site visit.


(1) whether the site stopped or, or be punished or. We want to do this station, so it is necessary to stimulate. What is the stimulus, that is a lot of links, let Shanghai reincluding love you, the only way to make up the site’s ranking. read more

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Love Shanghai spider does not support Crawl-delay set on Optimization

shows an application example of Crawl-delay:

believe that many people do not know what is Crawl-delay, I also know that this thing, through the search, I learned Crawl-delay translated into Chinese means grasping the meaning of delay. So Crawl-delay in the end for what? For what? The author sorted out in a query, to share with you:

value Crawl-delay behind the 100 said to tell the spider, in seconds, the minimum delay unit. If the server on your crawler frequency is a burden, you can set the delay time for any of you think appropriate numbers, each interval of 100s to a crawl. This setting seems to be only for station, station is very rare. read more

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To investigate the page code optimization we can take several small details

page is very time consuming, this will directly affect the overall speed of loading site. Do you need to do to compress the image on the page, so you can save a lot of unnecessary waste of space resources, so as to improve the speed of the whole site. In addition to the picture call I think it is best to use the CSS call, DIV CSS currently collocation remains the most popular search engine in the form of love.

so if you want to know how to do to optimize page details? Said page optimization, a lot of people think it is the same with the original keyword layout, three labels written two basic work, but in fact you want to get the optimization of others will be optimized, and not to how many points you. We need to pay attention to others easily ignore the details, then we are in these details optimization. This will help you a lot for your site. What we can start from what aspects, the author simply share five aspects. read more

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According to the observation of love Shanghai ranked correlation weight is larger than the weight of

in the first half of this year the Shanghai recently found love ranking algorithm has been quietly changed, before a website home page weight is particularly high, and the weight of the inside pages is very low, so it is difficult to do long tail keyword ranking. Remember the first two ranking method is that, after basically to several key words make up no charge, long tail keywords are basically not to do. Because the old site, and high weight website to do the long tail word ranking, want to do more web site ranking it several more such sites, but now the situation has been greatly improved. read more

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Shanghai love cheat on Google to the era of the past


two, the website is for people to see do not look to search engine

We do

three, change the concept from improving browsing experience to


is for visitors to see, it is to show, not to see the machine, if you want to know what is the best Shanghai dragon skills, I can tell you that all the people, as long as your web site is all in order to improve the browsing experience, it will be very a good ranking in the search engine, now Google and love Shanghai can easily identify outstanding website, which you don’t doubt read more

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Shanghai dragon Title writing skills

another Title writing skill is: key words to accurately related page content; not too much, two or three words can be combined; the most important keywords on the front, the company or website name on the title.

in general, the title of the site is composed of the goals of the web site keywords and target keywords is the user search your products into the search box in the word, so the first thing to do in determining the site title is the keyword research, select the key word the highest performance, then put into a combination of these words, slightly modified as the title of the website, designed the title is the most appropriate. About the keyword selection principles and keyword selection five note in front has been introduced. read more

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Don’t be too concerned about the main keywords and long tail keywords ignored

is the best title and keywords into the long tail, this is the most important, of course we also can be optimized by the article in bold, etc.. In fact, the title of each article can be viewed as a long tail keywords to optimize, actually I do and key words is a statement of.

three, the long tail keywords in the articleIn fact,

recently blog updates are relatively small, not very frequent, there is no point to do the word Jingzhou Shanghai Longfeng, ranking drop at. I don’t want to do it, there is no need to feel, not what flow basically, so now is not too concerned about the ranking, the first row for a few months, did not see what, to search the poor peer is few, so we want to keep for the station, traffic you have to rely on the long tail, long tail every day through my blog there are about 50ip, I found a lot of friends are not interesting to the long tail of the importance of this article, Xu Guoxiang and together we explore the use of long tail keywords: read more

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Discussion on the harmonious development of Shanghai dragon Er practice quality and search engine

We all know that er

now many Shanghai dragon er for the chain this is used in the hyperlink! Add hyperlinks and then sent to the blog and forum! To tell you the truth, it will lead to a lot of forum and blog webmaster antipathy, and hence IP is closed accounts so why!? I have interviewed many forum webmaster and blog webmaster, they answer roughly meaning: This is all some advertising, it influence the degree of customer experience! Here’s the problem.

for the current search engine adjustment, especially the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm can be seen after the development direction of search engine is the user experience for the purpose of the website optimization based on! But Er to Shanghai dragon is to improve their website traffic! So in different purposes and should depend on each other, both are a kind of how the harmony of read more

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The four basic principles of the selection of key words

is the most ideal keyword search is the most times, the minimum competition intensity of those words, so that you can get maximum flow with minimum cost. The ideal is always full, the reality is skinny, most of the search the number of words, the competition is also the biggest word.

two, the search number, less competitive keywords


three, the main keyword is not too broad, too special

related keywords and station station content

selection is an important work of keywords is an important channel to allow the user to enter the site, only to choose good keywords, and the use of Shanghai Dragon technology optimize, the user can through the search engine to search your keywords and into your site. Let Xiaobian share some basic principles for the choice of keywords, hope to help novice in the process of learning. read more

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Talk about a non professional ER how to optimize Shanghai Longfeng auxiliary enterprises station

talk about a non professional ER Shanghai dragon how to optimize the auxiliary

we can see a lot of enterprises have their own official website or our company, the author of this perspective is standing in the enterprise, many enterprises use website name search click in a glance you can see whether the site to do optimization work, see from what aspects? Is mainly observed in title|keywords|description and the inside pages the update time and content of the picture ALT tag, add anchor text set up all aspects of rapid. It is not difficult to find that many enterprises do not pay attention to add work, not the reason Shanghai dragon cannot give these enterprise benefits, but the enterprise’s own management level and not involved in the concept of network operation. Ma Yun used a taobao贵族宝贝 changed 400 million Chinese shopping habits, e-commerce is. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng detection optimization techniques is outdated several methods

method is out of date?1.

in operating their own website at the same time, also need to learn to learn some other people, there is a saying that the three of us are walking together, there must be my teacher, everyone will find the methods and skills of a very effective, keep learning the strengths of others, can not fall on a under the environment of others too much.


to see if you are not operating properly, if there is no error and improvement effect is not obvious then to try or better operation. read more

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The content of the website optimization experience to share


a, write with a lot of spelling or grammatical errors or articles.

2, as far as possible and orderly around your theme in order to organize your content is often very helpful, it allows users to start at the end where is where there is a very intuitive judgment. Put your content into a piece, can help users quickly find what they want. You may just need to avoid the following problems:

3, use the relevant language — try thinking of keywords if users query a part of your site where he will use the. Is an expert on a certain topic of the people, they use those keywords and novice than is a big difference. For example, abbreviated name [nlcs] a senior baseball fans may have a direct search for National League Championship Series, and the only entry baseball fans will use more general query words like [baseball playoffs]. To predict the behavior of these searches is different, then when you weigh the time writing these words (you can use some good phrases mixed) can generate some very positive results. Noble baby AdWords provides a convenient keyword tool can help you find some changing new keywords can also provide some close search keywords for a keyword. Similarly, the noble baby webmaster tools also provide a popular search query for you to list the content on your site in the search results appear most frequently and for your site brings key words to click. read more

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Shanghai dragon how ER and the chain Commissioner to cooperate

because everyone thinks that in Shanghai dragon industry links are very important things, so there is the Commissioner of the chain of this industry, can be said to be Shanghai dragon industry subsidiary, also can say independent, because any industry, there are some admirable person, in the chain of this industry no exception.

this problem is actually ready for a long time, since the Wuhan Han Lian Biological Engineering Co. Ltd, I have been in Shanghai to improve their technology is program, Longfeng, management, design learning, Shanghai Dragon Well, inevitably there are some problems to be solved, for example, and cooperate with other people, I’m here we mainly talk about: "Shanghai dragon how Se and the chain Commissioner to cooperate with" read more

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